Transform your home
in to a Living Home

Jixo smart homes help you easily and securely control all your devices at home with the power of smart automation. Live in a home that knows what you need, when you need.

Why Jixo

Protect your home and your ❤️ loved ones

What if your homes could be more than just bricks and mortar? What if they are like a family member who takes care of everyone at home? Jixo transforms regular homes in to Living Homes and makes sure you have all the comfort, convenience and security for a stress-free living.

We are on a mission to free up human brilliance, time and energy to do better things. Jixo helps you avoid the mundane tasks and enhance the quality of life without compromising on privacy.

Personalise Jixo for all your
needs and moods

Peaceful sleep

Cold mornings and want to sleep for some more time than usual? "Jixo, turn on sleep" can close your shades, adjust the room temperature, play a relaxing music and help you get that extra hour of cozy sleep.

Movie time

Play a movie on your home theatre and Jixo will gracefully turn off the main lights, lock the front and rear doors, and adjust the volume to your liking

Out of home

Just tell Jixo when you go out of home for work. The home takes care of itself- turning off unnecessary fans and lights, water your garden, feed your pet, refill your water tanks, and watch out for any visitors.

A wide variety of Smart Automations
curated just for you

What happens at home
stays at home

All your data is stored locally, and only you have access to it. At Jixo we are committed to ensure 100% privacy and protection of your data.

One platform,
infinite possibilities

Jixo supports an ever growing ecosystem of smart home devices and connectivity standards including smart switches, video door bells, smart locks and more.

Invite Jixo to your home

Find out how easy it is to automate and control your whole home with Jixo.

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